Public Speaking

“Franny has presented in my Substance Abuse class at Chapman on her experience working with treating clients who are dealing with substance abuse issues. I was impressed with her command of the material she presented in my class. Students commented on how they enjoyed her presentation and how they felt that her style of presentation assisted their learning. Franny ensured that my students’ learning was top priority and that they were presented with the most up to date and relevant materials on the subject she covered.”
— Naveen Jonathan, LMFT, PhD

Some of my Presentations


Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX                                                                

Adjunct Professor – Psychology Department

Lecturer/teacher for the Introduction to Psychology classes in undergraduate programs.

Chapman University, Orange, CA                 

Guest speaker - Presentation - The Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

Lectured at a Master’s level Substance Abuse class about the treatment of substance use disorders. The lecture covered topics related to different levels of care, how to assess for treatment and begin the treatment process, Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptom, relapse prevention, family treatment of substance use disorder, and the goals of treatment.

Marymount California University, Palos Verdes, CA                                                                   

Presenter - The Co-Occurrence of Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders from a Psychological and Social Perspective

Conducted quantitative research to collect data about the co-occurrence of Substance Use Disorder and Eating Disorder, analyzed data presented results in front of a panel.

Marymount California University, Palos Verdes, CA                  

Presenter - Ductus Exemplo Health Club

Lectured in different campaigns/events to bring awareness to students about topics such as substance abuse, sexual transmitted diseases, suicide prevention, and mental illness.


Los Angeles Harbor College, Wilmington, CA                                                                              

 Guest Speaker - Eating Disorders from a Biopsychosocial Approach

Lectured to Undergraduate Students about Eating Disorders and the Biopsychosocial approach, educating the students about the different types of eating disorders and the contributing factors to their development.

NORMAL In Schools Non-Profit, New York, NY – Los Angeles, CA    

Presenter - Volunteer Associate Director of Community Outreach

Spoke at schools for the prevention and awareness of eating disorders in the Los Angeles Area.

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